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What is Sceneline Studios?

Sceneline Studios is one of the most important professional photo shoots providers in Europe. We offer high quality service in 22 different European countries. The headquarter is in Cologne, Germany.


Why do our clients appreciate us?

High quality and beautiful images of oneself are in great demand. The growing network was built through the increase of social medias. Our teams guide the clients, in particular unexperienced ones, in order to produce high quality photos. Our price range is extremly low for professional photo shoots in comparison to the market. Sceneline Studios' professional team offers beauty/lifestyle photo shoots to its customers.


Why do our partners appreciate us?

Numerous professional photographers and make up artists would like to enter the market. For buyers, quantity equals insecurity. However, Sceneline Studios distinguishes itself from portrait photographers and provides the client with its quality work. As a photographer or make-up artist, being part of Sceneline Studios' network means regular order, professional exchange and promotions. Sceneline Studios gives you the opportunity to get more connexions thougout Europe which will enable you to build new projects.


How is Sceneline Studios unique?

A lot of people would like to have high quality pictures but they don't trust any provider. Not only do we offer a professional preparation and an assistance throughout the photo shoot, but our offer is affordable! Our basic offer starts at 99 euros. It is possible to get high resolution pictures at the end of the photo shoot. Sceneline's studios can convince by their quality. 45 minutes for make-up and hair styling, 45 minutes in front of the camera, minimum 100 photos in the chosen size taken right after the session. One also has the possibility to retouch some images. Perfect retouch + unique experience = beautiful memory between flash and glamour!


Who is behind Sceneline Studios?

Haiko Strotkamp graduated in the media industry and has already been working as an entrepreneur since 2000, mainly in project management for TV castings (national and international) under the name Scenecast. Since 2007, the studios in Hamburg, Cologne and Vienna also offer photo shoots to complete already exciting portfolios. In 2010 arrived Chaouki Smaili, marketing and communication specialist. Sceneline Studios works in cooperation with online partners and organizes photo shoots. You will follow the concept of a network society, with its marketing an quality management departments centralized, and which gathers the main purchasers and providers for a standarized offer.


How does Sceneline Studios earns money?

The main resources of Sceneline Studios are the amount of vouchers and of upgrade packages purchased. Due to a strong orientation towards online partners offering discounts and a rare presence of maketing campaigns, most income comes from the purchase of extras available on the day of the shoot itself. There are however a lot many sales opportunities as, for instance, special offers. With its collaboration to the publication of the Posebook ( and to the making of model Sedcards (, Sceneline Studios is part of a brand family. 


 Where is now Sceneline Studios?

15 locations were already established in Germany and Austria in 2010, in 2012 we had 22 studios throughout Europe. About 100.000 photo shoots have been sold. Sceneline Studios' turnover reaches three million euros. Around 2.500 customers experience a photo shoot with us each month. Sceneline Studios' status changed from Gbr to GmbH in 2011 to facilitate the arrival of associates. The headquarters, located in Cologne, Germany, has currently 25 employees, the network of freelancers itself contains about 250 people. Sceneline Studios produces photo shoots in its own premises  in  Cologne, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. The other studios are rented and could perhaps aspire to a franchise concept. The costs vary from one studio to another. New locations can be developed quickly.

After a rapid and strong growth in 2010-2011, allowed it to improve its organization, Sceneline Studios could expand internationally. The implementation of a quality management service ensures a certain external standard, with the implementation of the Kaizen project, internal standards will be set through measurable indicators produced according to target agreements related to strategic goals. In September 2011, a first version of our program "Bookind & Finance" (BOFI) was launched. On this online program, customers can create their own profile and set an appointment by themselves. Our freelancers can also create a space and chose the dates when they would like to work. The billing and the evaluation made by the clients are made automatically on the program. A financial plan has been developed through the introduction of Lexware financial office pro and the introduction of an automatic control. Sceneline Studios' organization is based on social networks completed by Bofi, the system is extremly flexible and fast. An application of the kind for decentralized services would be possible.





We are established as a company with innovative networks, future-oriented and flexible

- Our product is universal and in a growing market


- The concept and the product have been proven reliable


- Your skills and experiences will be served

- Sceneline Studios offers its own network of expertise






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1 Modern & professional studios

1 Makeup & Hairstyling

1 Professional Photographer

1 Photostudio near by

1 Directly collectible, no sender time

1 Voucher is valid for 3 years


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